Nagushaanth Nayinai Wijayan

master of percussion
author of 'Mridangam Handbook'

Nagushaanth Wijayakulasingam, known as Nagushaannth Nayinai Wijayan, eldest son of Masilamany Wijayakulasingam (Nayinai Wijayan, Founder of Thamilaruvi newspaper) and Sasikala Wijayakulasingam (Teacher), is a talented mrdidanga and percussion artist.

At the age of 12 he started his musical career by learning the instrument Mridangam for more than 10 years at the renowned music school "Thamilar Kalachara Natpani Manram Essen" under the great mridanga maestro "Sangita Ratnam" Mr. S. Piranavanathan. In 2005, he and his brother Anushaant finished their Mridanga Arengetram with great success. He did his diploma degree at Oriental Fine Arts Academy London (OFAAL) in 2006 and obtained the title "Miruthanga Kalajothy".

Now, Nagushaanth performs regularly at several music festivals, TV programs, temple festivals and arangetrams. He has founded a school called "Mridangam Art - School of Mridangam". He also teaches Mridangam at "Thamilar Kalachara Natpani Manram Essen" and "Sivan Temple Dortmund

Tamil Culture Fine Arts Academy Germany